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August 25, 2005

Bonus Miles

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Did a little social run tonight at Arbor Hills. Ran an easy, conversational 4 miles in 47:55, then ran/walked, but mostly walked, the final mile in, well, too long. But, 10 miles total running today plus a cool-down mile (you know, I think I forgot my morning warm-up half mile) in one day ain’t too shabby. To quote Adam Sandler. Then went and had some quesadillas and a Shiner for dinner. Mmmm good.

I knew it!

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Yep, I’m wishing I had run hills. I had my first taste of the mile repeats today. They suck big time. They’re super fun!

Mile 1: 10:20 (way too fast)
Mile 2: 10:48
Mile 3: 11:00
Mile 4: 10:48
Mile 5: 10:45
Mile 6: 10:34

These are all actually a little fast, but hey, better than slow. Total of 6 miles in 1:04:05 (if my math is right, which it may not be), with an average 10:40 mile.

I’ve decided to serialize the Colorado report. First installment will be up tomorrow. I know you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation. 😛

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