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September 1, 2005

September is here!

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Come on cool fronts!

Fall is just around the corner! Well, not so much really. I mean, in Texas, we have two seasons, Hot and Cool. Every now and then we dip our toes in Cold, but that’s only for a day or two in January or February. But, that means that the Cool season is on it’s way. This morning was evidence of that. I actually got goosebumps when I walked outside!

Speed workout #2

I thought mile repeats were bad, but Yasso’s are pure evil. I mean, they both suck, but dang! I did 6 x 800 repeats, plus warm-up and cool-down. Each 800 was between 4:50 and 4:56. My legs feel like jello. I was supposed to do 8 repeats, but I started to not feel very good at the end, so I saved them for another day.

Monthly Summary

I don’t usually do a monthly summary of hits to my site, but this month I had quite a few hits from keyword searches. There were some that were clearly related to some posts, and others, I was like, why the hell did they link to me on that one!?!? For your reading pleasure. I grouped them to what made sense to me.

Fitness related. I can see this because this is what I talk about most of the time.
texas fitness adventures
pop a wheelie bike
hill repeats
mineral wells photos
how to run fartlecks
youngest kid to complete marathon

David Allan Coe related. I can see this too.
you don’t have to call me darlin & country
you don’t have to call me darlin’ darlin
you don’t have to call me darlin’

Birthday post related. Yeah, I did one of these awhile back. Alright, still makes sense.
what does your birthday means
what does my birthday mean?

These make a little less sense to me. The first two I kinda understand, but those last three?
should guys cook?
nick & steph’s downtown los angeles
unicorn bounce houses fort worth
japanese tv show dubbed in english in the 80’s
1995 sea breeze 10/30 5th wheel for sale (WTF???)

OK, these are kind of embarassing. But, here and here are the culprits I assume.
itchy bumps on legs
hot women legs
spreading my legs (dirty, cheeky monkey! for shame!)

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