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September 8, 2005

I Heart Mileage & Speed

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Oh yes I do! And hey, for me, yeah, this is speedy.

8 x 1 mile repeats. 11:00; 11:06; 10:57; 10:39; 10:42; 10:49; 10:28; 9:51

Total 1:25:32 (I think?) for an average of about 10:40.

The first four I ran with some girls from my running group. But they had started before me (which is why the fourth one was so fast…it was their last) so I had to do the last four on my own. During my last three, the drill team at the local high school was starting to come out, so I had to dodge props, and then on the last repeat, the PE class came out and so I had to dodge teenagers on the track.

I’m now enjoying a fresh-from-the-oven raspberry scone and a cup of coffee. Good start to a good day!

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