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September 12, 2005

Monday, Monday

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Ah yes. Welcome folks to another exciting week in your life! Monday is here to greet us, as usual, and kick off the next seven days!

Today I’ll be boring myself to death with online training. It’s a mandatory training class, but thankfully it’s self-paced.

Yesterday’s ice bath has paid off. Two weeks ago after the surprise 18-miler, I didn’t take one, and I regretted it. Yesterday I shivered away twenty minutes of my life, but today I only have some mild soreness in my hips that a little Aleve will fix. The rest of my leg muscles are functioning as expected.

This week’s training will be modified a bit, as the training class is really pushing us to run a 15K race this Saturday. It will be the last ‘race’ I can do before my marathon, so it may give me a good estimate of what my marathon will be. After yesterday, I’m just hoping I finish. I haven’t hit 20 miles yet, and yesterday, the last 6 were tough, the last 4 painful, and the last 2 were just run on sheer will and determination, avoiding the urge to lay down on the road and cry. In October, I can’t wait to hear what I sound like (I end up talking to myself in my delirium) between miles 20 and 26.

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