Interstellar Adventures

September 13, 2005

Drawing a blank

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I’m getting the feeling that my blog-life is starting to get a little dull. This training is restrictive, and so I’ve just been running around in circles or for ungodly amounts of time. I’m sure this is starting to bore the heck out of you all. I feel like I’ve gotten in a blogging rut. I still have the final installment of the Colorado Relay story to write, but haven’t. I have the urge to update every day and keep it fresh and new, but I don’t want to post just to post. I’m whining again, I know.

I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers post the opportunity for their readers to ask any question(s) they want. Pretty much nothing is off limits. Of course, I won’t reveal my kids’ names or other like specifics (not that anyone is out there stalking me…I hope), but it’s general safety I think…you can never be too sure. And, I suppose I’m arrogant or egotistical enough to think that any of you find me interesting enough to have unanswered questions about me.

Maybe this will spur something to give me a secondary theme for blog topics other than my constant training, which is starting to wear on me as much as I’m sure it is you. Don’t get me wrong…I’m still enjoying my running, but I have a bit of ADD, so I’m looking forward to when this first major hurdle is done and I can re-broaden my adventure-focus.

So, think up a good ‘un or two and ask away. Holy heck. What did I just do…

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