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September 19, 2005

Your Questions Answered — Round 3

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Since it’s Monday, we’ll keep it light and fun.

Abby: If your house was burning down, and your kids and pets were safely outside, what would you grab on your way out? Hmm. Kids and pets are already safe? Something that I would grab on my way out…well, besides my bathrobe? That would have to be the knick-knacks in my china cabinet. Most of them have sentimental value, and are the some of the only things I have from my great-grandmother.

Abby: You’re on death row. What’s your last meal? I’m thinking a big, juicy rib-eye, cooked medium rare, with horseradish sauce, spinach with lots and lots of garlic, and mashed potatoes. Oh, and of course as many martinis as I can down. And then the chocolatiest chocolate cake. Followed by a latte.

Brittany: If you could write a novel about anything what would it be? Additional directions were not to think, but I did. Just my nature. Breaking the rules and all. If I could write a novel, it would be one that contained lots of adventure of course! It would involve travel around the world, to mysterious and dark places with a little danger, a little romance, a lot of action! And of course the heroine would be a super smart, super sexy, capapble and strong woman. I see Angelina Jolie playing me…oh, sorry. (HA HA HA!)

Steph: If you won the lottery (mega jackpot) what would you do with the money? Of course I would make a large donation to a charity first. Then, I would buy houses for my family. I’d put my kids in private school, hire a maid and a pool boy, oh, and I guess I’d have to get a house with a pool for the pool boy. And then I’d take off on a round-the-world adventure. Researching my novel, you know. Places on the list? Europe of course, Northern Africa, Turkey, India, Nepal, Australia, South America.

Barry: Do you enjoy going to plays or movies more? What’s your favorite of each? I like both. That’s cheating, I know. But I think that they offer completely different experiences. I love going to the movies. I don’t go that often though. I’m selective now about what I spend my $8 on. I also love going to the theater for a play. I’ve seen some very witty, very well done plays. I assume this means musicals too, because I’ve seen some great ones of those too.

Barry: Can you sing? Do you like to sing? Well, I think everyone can sing, it’s just a measure of how well they do it. I don’t do it very well at all. But I love to sing. I will sing very loud and slightly off-key to music blaring on the radio while I’m driving in my car. I think I my true calling was to be a rock-star. Someone just forgot to give me the talent. My friends won’t take me anywhere there is the danger of having karaoke. Even then, sometimes I seranade them to a song playing in the background. I don’t know why they roll their eyes…I’m so unappreciated.

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