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September 22, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the track…

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You’d think that running around in circles, or ovals really, would make me dizzy. Maybe. I need to add some more songs to my MP3 player. I’m getting tired of some of the music that’s on there now. Today’s ten (10) miles just kind of flew by though: 10 Mile Repeats 10:59; 11:08; 11:00; 11:06; 11:01; 10:51; 11:01; 10:54; 10:41; 10:04. Total run time: 1:48:56. Average pace: ~10:50. Then, I looked at my training schedule when I got into work. Yeah, I was only supposed to run 8 miles this morning. But hey, that little bit of extra is going to make all the difference come race day, I just know it. I’ll only be able to finish because I did those extra two miles today.

I got a lot done last night. It was quiet, but I enjoyed it. Elle and Zed spend Wednesday nights with their dad, so I can actually hear myself think. I folded about four loads of laundry, hung up all my clothes, and then went to dinner with myself and a book. Treated myself to a small piece of baklava and Turkish coffee (with sugar) for dessert. I found part of the floor in my daughter’s room. She and I will find the other part tonight. Played with my doggies for a little while. Wrigley is so disgusting. She’s a slobber-bone. It’s like getting slimed. I tried to watch some TV, but I fell asleep with Wrigley at my feet and Tori by my side. They’re so snuggly.

Now I need a nap. But coffee is just going to have to do. And yogurt and granola.

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