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September 27, 2005

Twenty-Six Days and Counting

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Including today, I have 17 more workouts remaining. Today’s was easy in comparison to what I’ve got ahead of me. This morning was a mere 4 miles, completed in 45:54, plus a 1 mile warm-up/cool-down. My right glute/hip was bugging me again despite stretching, so I will be calling Dr. Pain to schedule some torture therapy sessions between now and race day.

I have more speed work to look forward to on Thursday. The dreaded Yasso’s-kickin’-my-assos. And my longest run, 4 hours or 20-22 miles, this weekend. I’m thinking I’ll be running longer than 4 hours in order to get the mileage in.

The plane tickets are purchased and the hotel is booked. So, there’s no chickening out now. I’m alternating between feeling excitement and dread. I know that this last part of it is mental, and I’ve been feeling mentally exhausted the past couple of weeks. I’m starting to come out of that, trying to visualize a strong race and the finish. When I’m having a good run, I try to memorize that feeling for use at a later time.

This last weekend my sister asked me what I think about when I run that long. I told her I couldn’t remember, because honestly, I can’t. I only use my headphones when I run at the track. During my long runs I leave them behind because they aren’t allowed at the race. The time from my long runs just kind of runs (excuse the pun) together and turns into a large blank for me. I go into a sort of trance. I’m aware of what’s going on around me, but it’s almost an out-of-body experience. I feel relaxed and I look down at my watch occasionally, surprised about how much time has passed. Before I know it, I’m done. Hopefully the race will be that way too. I’ve been studying the course (this is a link to a PDF document) and starting to visualize and plan how I will run the race.

I’m not thinking about my time goal as much anymore, and instead focusing on getting across that finish line. Part of that visualization includes my friend Judy, waiting for me with a big hug and my Tiffany’s finisher necklace. My very first ‘blue box’ item! There’s supposedly a concert afterwards, but they haven’t announced who the band is yet.

The countdown continues!

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