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September 29, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen things on my mind today:

1. Elle and Zed stay with their dad on Wednesday nights. When my phone rang at 6:30 this morning, I got worried. Evidently Elle started throwing up this morning. Surprisingly, her dad called into work and is keeping her home today. He stopped by and got some anti-throw-up medicine for her, so hopefully she’ll feel better today. I don’t want to have her throwing up still tonight.

2. We got a cool front! It was 62 degrees outside this morning! Today’s high is going to be around 75! I wore a sweater to work!

3. Yesterday, my sister finally uploaded some of her art work. It’s really just her class work exercises, but I think it’s fantastic. The one I linked to is my favorite, and I have dibs on getting it framed and hung at my house after she has her final review. Be sure to check out the other works she has posted. There’s not many yet, but I’m so blown away by her talent. I love you B!

4. My doggies are so slobbery. I was on the phone last night and Wrigley kept trying to lick me. She also has really bad gas. Worst gas I’ve ever known for a dog to have.

5. Our newspaper has changed their puzzle/comics section this week. I don’t think I like it. They’ve made a lot of changes to format in the whole paper over the last year. Some I like, some I don’t. We’ll see if this one lasts.

6. My marathon of course. I feel like I’m beating it to death though. 24 more days! Over the day I waiver between excitement and dread. I’ll be fine, I know!

7. My house is bugging me. The thing is I’ve had a bunch of stuff on a ‘list’ for a long time. I think after this ‘running’ stuff has ‘run’ through me, that’s the next thing I’m going to tackle. I’m going to bust out some paint on my walls!

8. I need to go see my Grandaddy in Houston. I haven’t seen him since last November. How is it that life flies by so fast and we don’t know where the weeks have gone? He’ll be 81 this November. I’ll have to tell about him sometime. He’s very special to me.

9. Elle and Zed are in my ex-brother-in-law’s wedding this weekend. Elle is a flower girl and Zed is the ring-bearer. They’re both excited. I was originally supposed to do a reading in the wedding, but my Ex kinda screwed that up. What’s even funnier is that last month his brother asked if I was still doing the reading. His family is bizarre! I could be closer to them I guess, but I just feel like they didn’t do a whole lot to support my marriage ever, and I’m mad about that.

10. I have my divorce papers sitting, ready to be signed. I need to have them reviewed by my dad’s lawyer, but other than that, it’s almost over. It feels so anticlimactic.

11. I need to get my oil changed and my car inspected.

12. Along with last night’s cool front, we got a heck of a thunderstorm. Lightning flashing all around and the wind blowing hard. I love thunderstorms.

13. I need to get a manicure. I painted my nails last weekend, but I need someone to do a better job shaping my nails. They can leave my feet alone though. I need those callouses until after my race. Then I’ll get my feet back to baby-smooth.

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