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October 17, 2005

Monday, it’s like deja vu

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I feel like I’ve been here before. Another Monday morning. *sigh*

Elle’s soccer game on Saturday was great! They won 3-0. Elle scored the first goal in the first quarter. It was an awesome kick from the corner. The goalie didn’t even see it. She was ‘rested’ during the second quarter. In the third quarter she fell and scraped the side of her knee. There was a little blood, but she got right back up and kept playing. I was so proud. She almost had another goal in this quarter, but it went just to the outside of the right side of the goal. In the fourth quarter, she almost had another goal, and I could tell she was getting tired. She got caught in a bit of a traffic jam in going for the ball, and she fell and skidded across the grass on her elbow. This time she cried, poor baby. She came out of the game. I was very proud of her. She played a great game. I can tell she watches what’s going on, goes for angles on the ball, and is formulating a strategy in her head. She’s very intense when she plays. I wonder where she gets that?

After the game, Elle, Zed and I went to breakfast with my mom. My mom had run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Saturday morning, then came to watch Lauren’s soccer game. I had done the Komen four years in a row, and this was the second year I didn’t do it. First of all, it’s just gotten so huge in Dallas that you have to go two hours early just to get a parking spot. It’s also so big that you really can’t run at all in the first mile. My grandmother is a Survivor, going on five years now I think. My sister works for Target, and they were the major sponsor. She was volunteering. So, I’m proud of my mom and my sister for doing their part. I’m saving my pink Yoplait lids.

Elle & Zed got picked up by their dad, and then I did a quick clean-up session on my house. Nick came over and we just ran around. I needed a new nose-piece for my glasses, and then we found a big antique mall. We wandered around there for awhile. Saw some pretty cool stuff. I bought a blue vase for $5. It will go with my kitchen. Well, once I get my kitchen painted. We just spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out, being quiet, and relaxing. It was great.

Sunday morning’s run was short and sweet. 1:30, 7.75 miles. Just two more runs before The Big Day. Then I went back home, showered, went to breakfast with Nick. We sat on the patio, read the paper, sipped coffee. It was a beautiful morning. Then we went and bought some fish. Our first ‘joint purchase’. We got two Betta. One is blue and named Martin, and the other is red and named Lewis. It’s also rather appropriate because I’m more left-leaning and Nick is more right-leaning, politically. They are, of course, in separate bins of the same tank. They puff up their gills and attack the plastic separator when they see each other. It’s fun to watch them. We also got two African Dwarf frogs, Dean and Jerry, to keep Martin and Lewis company. This morning, Jerry was hanging out in the little plastic tree I planted in the rocks. I will take pictures of them tonight for you all. So now, my menagerie includes 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 fish & 2 frogs. And what was even worse? When we were at the pet store, I considered getting a couple of hamsters too. Maybe for Christmas…

Then, during the afternoon yesterday, I went to a planning meeting for AT’s annual Road Rally. I had wanted to participate, because I love that kind of thing, but no one was volunteering to plan the thing. So, I threw my hat in the ring, and me and three other ladies are going to put it all together. It will be a fund-raiser for Hurricane Katrina victims. I think we’ve got a great event planned out, all in three hours!

For dinner last night, I treated myself again. I went to my favorite hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop-falafel-shop. The owners are Muslim, and the do a special buffet during Ramadan. They make traditional dishes that aren’t on their regular menu. I ate too much, but there were so many choices, and it’s all delicious. Last year they did it every night. This year they’re only doing it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m upset that I didn’t go check it out two weeks ago when Ramadan started. I’m going to be out of town this weekend, and Ramadan ends November 4. At least I’ll be able to get in one more feast! Is that bad of me? To want the good food? I actually felt bad, because I went in on Friday for lunch. I saw the buffet line and remembered that it was Ramadan, and I felt bad for eating, knowing they were fasting.

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