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October 18, 2005

Running that race

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I’m excited, nervous, scared, giddy, proud and a whole bunch of other emotions all at the same time. Five more days till Race Day! Yeah. Emotional is definitely the word. I’ve said before that I’m not a natural runner. It was probably my least favorite activity when I was growing up. I dreaded the burn you feel in your lungs and legs. It was too much effort, it hurt, and it made you sweaty. No thanks. Give me a pool, my fins, goggles and a racing suit, and I was happy as a clam.

I had my first “I need to run or I’m going to burst” thought on March 14 of this year. The day my STBX moved out. After that, running became relaxing. It was ‘me’ time. I felt good, de-stressed, calm and happy after I would finish a run. And, if I’m going to run, I might as well have a goal in mind, right? My good friend and the only person quite possibly slightly crazier than me, Judy, said ‘Let’s do this’. And, without thinking skipping a beat, I said ‘OK!’. So, Friday we fly off to San Francisco.

I’ve watched many marathons and Ironmans from the safety of my couch. I can’t explain the emotion I would feel, thinking to myself ‘One day!’. A time or two I actually shed a tear, wishing that it were me that could do something so totally amazing. But then ‘reality’ would set in, with school, work, kids, family, etc. and then life would take over and the thought of taking the time to do something for me would fly out the window.

Fast forward a few years, through the days of almost-pack-a-day smoking, over-eating, depression, and a sham of a marriage to quitting smoking, starting to exercise, overcoming depression, recovering from a sham of a marriage and here I am. With a smile on my face and callouses on my feet. Standing at the threshold of something that I don’t yet understand. I’ve been reading stories of other First Marathons, trying to prepare myself. But I know until I cross that starting line, I will have no idea what the day has in store for me. The sights that I’ll see, the sounds that I’ll hear, the other runners I will encounter, and the feat that I will accomplish.

I’ll be thinking of you all too. So many of you have been just as instrumental in getting me to this point as my running coaches. Your encouragement has been heartwarming. Your confidence in me has boosted my resolve. So many things will carry my heart and my feet over the finish line; my training, my determination, my inner strength, the side-line cheerleaders, thoughts of loved ones, and my many friends, both real-world and blog-world. I don’t know how to thank you all, but it feels good to know that I have so many that care. Thank you!

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