Interstellar Adventures

October 26, 2005

Local Weather

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In Dallas at the moment, it’s sunny and 45 degrees. Feels like it’s 41 supposedly. I love this cooler weather! Unfortunately it’s also supposed to get up to 73 today. Um, hello, it’s OCTOBER! Almost November! It’s not supposed to be 73 at this time of year! OK. Maybe in Texas it is. Dammit. Anyone have a spare room where it doesn’t get above 50?

My legs are feeling much better today. I mean, I took my ice bath and all after the race, even though we were at the hotel. Fortunately the ice machine was directly across from our room! So, I grabbed the ice bucket and the plastic bags from our water shopping trips to Walgreens and filled them up. The lady walking down the hall did give me a funny look when she saw the three bags filled with ice. I just smiled at her and said Hi, then carted them back to the room. It was probably the coldest ice bath I’ve had yet. It was painful for the first five minutes. Then just a matter of waiting it out. Then, when I took my shower, my toes burned as I got feeling back to them. I’m such a masochist! But I could walk. Yesterday my quads were a bit sore, and today it’s just my left calf. Almost ready to run again!

I fought with ImageShack last night and this morning. My pics are all zipped up and ready to be uploaded, but the stupid site doesn’t want to respond. I was going to treat you all with a photo-tour of San Francisco and surrounds, but it wasn’t meant to be for today. I promise I’ll keep trying.

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