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October 27, 2005

Thursday Thirteen, V

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Thirteen things on my mind today:

Update: I’m adding an additional item that has just come to my attention.

.5) ExxonMobile profitted $9.9B (that’s BILLION) dollars this QUARTER. That’s a US Corporate record. And yet I’m excited that I saw gas for $2.36 last night. And we continue to watch the rape of the Average American Pocketbook. My kids didn’t need those new shoes anyway…

1) Nick is coming to lunch with me today. Here at Fort Knox, I mean. Hopefully he won’t be too put off by the body cavity search required to gain entry to this place.

2) I signed my divorce papers yesterday and gave them to the STBX when he picked up the kids last night. I should be divorced before my birthday.

3) The 10-day forecast for my area shows temps in the high 60’s to mid 70’s through November 5. I’m running a half-marathon on November 6. I would prefer it if it were cooler than that.

4) Legs are feeling great! Going to go for a run with my kids tonight.

5) Zed supposedly had some project due today at school that he ‘forgot about’. He gathered up some stuff last minute last night on the way to his dads. I hope they got it done.

6) Elle only has two more soccer games left this season. I’m going to have to look for soccer camps for her.

7) Zed will play basketball again. His team from the last two seasons isn’t going to make this winter. So, he’ll be on a new team. I hope he’s not too bummed about that.

8) NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this. On Sunday I’m going to a kick-off dinner. It should be interesting to see other people that are doing this.

9) I’m going to Kansas City in a month. Nick and I are going on our first trip together. At Thanksgiving, they light up the Country Club Plaza. So, it’ll be a nice little romantic get-a-way weekend.

10) I’m mad that the White Sox swept the World Series. I really wanted the Astros to win. Oh well, there’s always next season.

11) I’m 6-0-1 in my fantasy football league. I’m also favored in my matchup this week.

12) I’m not doing as well in my Pick ‘Em league. I’m in 6th place (out of 27). 1 point out of a 3-way tie for 3rd, and 4 points out of a two-way tie for first.

13) I’ve got to start these Thursday Thirteen things ahead of time! I takes me forever to think up thirteen things!

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