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November 10, 2005

Thursday Thirteen, VII

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Thirteen things on my mind today:

1) Thank goodness Paris is OK.

2) Too bad this Paris isn’t doing as well.

3) Saturday is the Rockledge Rumble 30K. I love running, but I’m going to be glad after the first weekend in January when I can take a bit of a break.

4) We lost one of our frogs last night. When I got home from work, Jerry was floating. He would do this sometimes, but this was different. I took off the tank lid and poked him and he didn’t move. Poor thing. He was involved in a bit of an accident Monday night. We cleaned the tank, and he made a mad leap from his bowl on the counter to the kitchen floor. Then he got caught on a drawer handle as he tried to jump out of my hands again. I think he must have suffered some trauma, and that’s the cause for his untimely passing.

5) I’ll have to get to PetsMart and get a replacement before the kids notice.

6) Nick started his new job on Monday. He likes it pretty well so far. He’s working with a kid fresh out of college. Evidently this kid is an idiot.

7) I haven’t talked to my Ex all week, and I love it. I got my final, signed papers in the mail yesterday. Not only does the judge have an assembly-line, automaton script, but he doesn’t even sign his name. It’s ink-stamped on there.

8) I’ve got something to tell my mom. She’s going to be upset. It’s nothing I did or anything to do with me. I’m not looking forward to being the one to tell her.

9) I just had a yummy cranberry scone.

10) With a half-pint of milk. In a carton. Milk in a carton tastes better than milk in a plastic bottle.

11) I’m 8-0-1 in my fantasy football league. Still in first place baby! WOOT!

12) As of 9:15 this morning, I have 29,511 hits to my site. I’ll be hitting 30,000 soon! What should be my special prize for my 30,000th visitor? Assuming I can figure out who they are…

13) I think they should have worried about making it harder to get divorced as a true step in defending marriage, rather than taking away people’s rights to commit to each other. Make it harder to get married too. Turn marriage into a religious rite. Give everyone ‘civil unions’. Don’t legislate morals. It’s been tried before and it ultimately failed. The only comfort I have in this is that one day this will be overturned.

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