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November 11, 2005

Happy Veterans Day

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I’m not a fan of this current war, or the reasons that we’re there. But, I am a fan of the soldiers. The men and women of the United States Army, the United States Navy, the US Air Force, and the United States Marine Corps deserve our thanks and appreciation.

Their job? To protect our nation. And they do it every day. While the rest of us are at home watching TV, working behind a desk, mowing our lawn, shopping at the mall, blogging or whatever else occupies our daily lives, our soldiers are stationed far away from their homes and families, doing their job, living their job.

My Grandaddy fought in World War II. He was 411th Infantry Regiment, 103rd Cactus Division, United States Army. Until about 7 or 8 years ago, I never knew this. He never talked about it, until I finally asked. He fought through France, Germany, Austria and Italy.

My Grandfather and Grandmother on my mom’s side were both in the Navy. In fact, that’s how they met. My grandfather was a medic on Navy ships during the Korean war. My grandmother was in the WAVES. They met at the Annapolis Naval Base. My grandfather wears his Korea Veterans hat every chance he gets.

My Great-Uncle was in the Navy too. But he was younger than my Grandfather, and so didn’t serve in a war. He too met his wife through the Navy. They were both stationed in Hawaii.

Their uncle, my great-grandmother’s brother, was a pilot in World War II. He was almost too old to enlist, but he did. He was a veteran pilot and was determined to serve. During his last mission before coming home, his plane was shot down somewhere over Germany or Russia. They never recovered his plane or his body.

My cousin joined the Marines. Against his mother’s wishes of course. He’s an only child. And he loves it.

And, I enjoy occasional healthy debate with a soldier in Iraq. I admire Dorman and I appreciate his service.

If you have a chance, make sure you stop by and say hi and thank-you to Dorman, or tell a veteran in your family that you thank them for their service.

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