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November 14, 2005


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Nick and I have decided not to go to Kansas City for Thanksgiving. He just started his new job, I just got back from San Fran, and then I might be going to see my dad (there’s that thing I haven’t told my mom yet). This means that I get to host Thanksgiving at my house. It might have been cheaper to go to KC. And the best part? There’s a potential for 25 people to show up at my little casa. Anyone have a house expander?

Update: I’ve already made out a list and assigned foods and responsibilities to everyone.

Thanksgiving: 2 pm Thursday November 24, 2005


Turkey & Stuffing (me)
Honey baked ham (uncle)
Sweet Potatoes (grandma)
Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows (grandma)
Mashed Potatoes (me)
Rice (‘lil sis)
Green bean casserole (me)
Broccoli Rice casserole (sis)
Cranberry jelly (‘lil sis)
Cranberry sauce (me)
Sweet & Sour salad (grandma)
Marinated Olives (Central Market)
Rolls (sis)
Pies (mom)
Drinks (bro)

Disposable plates (me)
Disposable silverware (me)
Table cloths (me)
Napkins (me)
Decorations (mom & kids)

Now…who wants to come help me clean house? Oh. And the list is down to 19. Forgot the Ex has the kids, and one of my aunt’s dads has had a third-time recurrence of his prostate cancer, so they’ll be spending the holiday with him.

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