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November 16, 2005


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I have visions of grandeur, limited only by time and budget. My house is small and nothing fancy. Far from my dream home, but the schools are good, the neighborhood is quiet, and it’s just enough house for me and my kids. But, 1970’s Fox & Jacobs ain’t exactly my style. Every room in that house needs work. I can’t decide where to start first or with what.

Entry: The floor is covered in brown linoleum. The walls are covered in a textured wall covering that I actually kind of like. But the floor has got to go.

Living room: This room and the dining room have carpet that I believe to be original to the house. And white walls. To do in here? Paint walls, replace flooring, replace window coverings.

Dining room: I’ve already replaced the window covering in this room. I found a very pretty paper shade with leaves embedded in it, and I found some pretty wine colored drapes. I also have a light fixture to replace the one that’s in there, but I haven’t done it yet. I can do electric, but it still makes me nervous. I’m also considering getting rid of the dining room furniture altogether and making this a sitting/computer room to allow more space in the living room. I don’t use the room that often, and I don’t see myself throwing grandiose dinner parties anywhere in the near future. Plus the furniture was my Ex’s grandmothers, and no one else in the family wants it.

Kitchen: I have the paint. I’ve had the paint for over a year. I just need to paint now. And I need to take the cabinet doors off, paint the boxes, and figure out a covering for the cabinets. The floor is also horrid yellow linoleum, which will be removed.

Den: Again, replacing the carpet. I want to put wood floors in the whole house. The walls also need to be painted and the oh-so-stylish wood paneling on the walls will come down. Oh, and a new ceiling fan.

Bathroom: This is the only room I’ve actually done. Pretty tropical colors. I still have to tile the floor.

Kids rooms: Both rooms will be painted. Right now Zed has some flouncy curtains, remnant’s of Grandma’s days in the house. Elle’s room has some horrid floral print wallpaper that will be removed.

My room: I could say that my room is done, but the Ex painted it before I moved in. It’s a pretty deep red color, but too dark in my opinion. I’m thinking a nice sage color on the wall. The bathroom is a mish-mash of 80’s style wallpaper, early 90’s style linoleum, and a new retro shower curtain. Again, this room needs work.

Don’t even get me started on my flower beds.

As you can see from the photo, the right side of my flower beds grows, while the left side, well, they just kind of linger. And I don’t like the bushes. Not at all. They’re ugly little things. My grandmother is offering me up some plants. I don’t know what kind. But I have a feeling that’s what I’ll be doing part of Sunday. Ripping out my flower beds.

If you have any home savvy, have done your own D.I.Y. projects, or have any helpful hints, please leave me a tip or two. Donations to the Lass Home Decoration Fund will also be accepted.

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