Interstellar Adventures

November 18, 2005


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Yeah, I haven’t been doing much of it lately. I’m stuck and it sucks. I stare at my screen and my mind is blank. I hate saying I’m going to do something, then not do it. *sigh* Perhaps dramatic inspiration will suddenly hit me and words will pour from my fingers.

Back in October I submitted a piece to an online publication (see item #4). Today I got back my first rejection letter! Yipee! The reasons for rejection? Editor 1: I’m not seeing a story of substance here. Editor 2: Not enough of a story here. Also, tension is diluted because events are heralded or told to us (e.g. “Suddenly, disaster struck.”). Oh well. I didn’t expect it to be uesd on the first go round! I actually think it’s kind of funny. I’ll try again. I’m not deterred.

I’ve told my secret to 5 people now.

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