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November 21, 2005

Know a good maid?

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Ugh! I hate cleaning house. My family is great though, and my mom, my sister and Nick came over to help. I’m not a neat freak by any means, but I’m also not a slob. Lets just say my house is ‘lived in’. But it needed more than just straightening the picture frames if I’m having 17-20 people over on Thursday.

My mom did my least favorite task. Folding laundry. Ugh! We got the kids summer/winter clothes sorted and put away in the garage/bedrooms. This is OK considering we just last week got in the cold front that made the winter clothes necessary.

My sister, bless her, helped the kids with their rooms. Elle is a torando & a hurricane all rolled into one. Zach is just a boy. Clean to him is the middle of the room doesn’t have anything in it.

Nick cleaned the bathrooms and helped me install a new porch light. It’s sooo pretty! I was so happy to get rid of the old 70’s style thing that was attached there. The new one has clear glass, so I need to get a bulb that’s a little less bright. It almost blinded me to look at it.

We rearranged furniture and vaccumed almost every surface in the house.

I also cooked dinner for everyone. A salad, baked ziti and black-eyed peas. Well, the black-eyed peas were the protein for my vegetarian mom, and Elle ate some too. They totally don’t go with baked ziti though. Elle called it ‘gaziti’.

I also told my mom that thing I’ve been needing to tell her. My dad is getting remarried. His new wife? Well, she’s actually my age. Three months younger than me to be exact. She knew they were dating, but the marriage thing was what my sister has been worried about. We’ve known for a couple of months, and my littlest sister was freaking out over telling my mom. She was very worried about what her reaction would be. She actually took it very well. I was glad. So, two secrets down and one to go. Shhhh…

I also bought the turkey yesterday…it’s 23.54 pounds. The biggest one I could find. I wanted bigger…

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