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November 30, 2005

Best Birthday Ever!

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And it’s only 8 am! My kids sang Happy Birthday to me in the car on the way to school. Already several friends have sent cards. And Nick. Well, I tell you. That man is amazing. I am the luckiest girl on the planet! Heck, in the whole universe. OK, gag me, I know. He’s soooo wonderful though!

So now I’m actually “in” my 30’s. This last year I was just standing in the doorway. Sitting on 30 and looking in. Seeing what my third decade would hold in store for me. And so far, I’m loving it! This last year has been so amazing! I’ve learned so much about myself and done so much more than I ever thought I would.

HUGS! to you all and I hope your day is just as good as mine. MWAH!


  1. I have loved my thirties. Sadly, I’m about six years older than you and heading 40.

    Comment by Raehan — November 30, 2005 @ 9:27 am |Reply

  2. Glad you had a great birthday.

    Comment by Raehan — November 30, 2005 @ 9:27 am |Reply

  3. Happy Birthday. Hope you get some Birthday Suit Time with someone today.

    Comment by Coyote Mike — November 30, 2005 @ 9:52 am |Reply

  4. Yay!!! Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I’m so glad your having such a wonderful day.

    Comment by Jolynn — November 30, 2005 @ 10:06 am |Reply

  5. For the most part, I’m enjoying my 30’s. Happy Birthday luckiest girl on the planet!

    Comment by Keb — November 30, 2005 @ 10:48 am |Reply

  6. So glad to have you join the thirtysomething crowd. Have a most wonderful birthday!

    Comment by Carnealian — November 30, 2005 @ 10:57 am |Reply

  7. Happy Birthday! I had no idea you had a birthday. Well, today anyway.

    I like the thirties. Just someone stop me when I get to 39, please.

    Comment by Bone — November 30, 2005 @ 10:58 am |Reply

  8. Hiccy Burpday!!!!!

    Comment by Carol-anne — November 30, 2005 @ 11:28 am |Reply

  9. Happy Birthday! It’s my dad’s bday today too. I gave him 50,000 words. 🙂

    Comment by Indigo — November 30, 2005 @ 12:20 pm |Reply

  10. Happy Birthday you fancy grown-up lady! I wanted to be 30 my whole life. I’m going to be 30 for the 3rd time soon 🙂

    Comment by Running2Ks — November 30, 2005 @ 2:34 pm |Reply

  11. Happy birthday to you!

    I am going to be 34 on my next birthday. I have absolutely LOVED my 30’s!

    Have a great day!

    Comment by Texas_Ivy10 — November 30, 2005 @ 2:58 pm |Reply

  12. Welcome to your 30s. It’s been a good experience for me.

    Comment by UziCue — November 30, 2005 @ 3:17 pm |Reply

  13. Happy Birthday!

    I am lovin’ the 30’s…it gets better every year…it’s amazing at how “smart” you’ll become..haha..

    Comment by Sandy — November 30, 2005 @ 3:38 pm |Reply

  14. 30s? I can’t remember back that far! I’m halfway through my forties, and discovering that I am indeed mortal. Enjoy it! Happy Birthday!

    Comment by evilgeezer — November 30, 2005 @ 4:39 pm |Reply

  15. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was fantabulous! Mwah!!!

    Comment by TrueJerseyGirl — November 30, 2005 @ 6:15 pm |Reply

  16. Happy Birthday Girlio!

    Comment by DeeJay — November 30, 2005 @ 7:27 pm |Reply

  17. Happy birthday and I’m so glad it is a great one- you can brag all you want- it’s your birthday!-

    Here’s to many more wonderful birthdays to come…

    Comment by jak — November 30, 2005 @ 8:17 pm |Reply

  18. Sounds like good times.
    Bravo. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Many more…


    Comment by michaelm — December 1, 2005 @ 7:04 am |Reply

  19. Nick’s pretty lucky too.

    Comment by An Observer — December 1, 2005 @ 8:18 am |Reply

  20. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Laa–asss, Happy Birthday to you.

    Comment by sallwood — December 1, 2005 @ 1:56 pm |Reply

  21. Happy birthday! I’m saying it extra loud since I’m a little late!

    Comment by Michele — December 2, 2005 @ 10:14 pm |Reply

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