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December 9, 2005

I’ll pencil you in…

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Yeah, that’s how I feel right now. Breathe deeply, Lass. You can do this.

Friday: Work, work, work. Cookie & Gift Exchange Party with my girlfriends a 7. Baked the cookies last night, but still have to get the gift. Nick is going to be watching the kids, but I have to figure out what to do for them for dinner.

Saturday: Need to see if I can get a haircut. I haven’t had one in forever and my hair looks like crap. Elle and Zed have dentist appointments in the afternoon, then I’m supposed to drop them off with their dad. But, I just managed to get their dad to meet me at the dentist office for the appointment, so I just freed up 2 hours for myself. I have to go to do my packet pickup for White Rock on Sunday. No race-day pickup! Then I have to shop. I have to get gloves for running on Sunday. My company Christmas party is Saturday night. They had extra budget, so we’re getting some door prizes. I’m splitting the budget with another woman, and I still have to get $425 worth of gifts and get them wrapped! Then that party starts at 7. It’s at Southfork Ranch. That should be fun. But I can’t stay too late because I have to get to bed early.

Sunday: Wake up at 5 am. It will be freezing! Eat my pre-race meal of a Starbucks cinnamon-swirl coffee cake. Nick will drive me down to the AAC where I’ll meet up with my family. The race starts at 8 am. Current forecast for start time? 35 degrees! I’ll be wearing my long tights, ear covers, gloves and long sleeves. Hopefully I’ll finish in under five and a half hours again and be ready to eat and then take a looong nap!

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