Interstellar Adventures

December 13, 2005


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Ouch. It really, really hurts. I mean hurts bad. My foot that is. I hope I don’t have this. Please say a little prayer that it’s just bruised. I don’t want to miss my run at Bandera. Not after all the improvements I’ve made since last year. I really want to go out and kick butt on that 25K course! I may be going to the Dr. soon. 😦 My foot is the only thing that hurts! My leg muscles feel great. If it weren’t for my foot, I’d be ready to run tomorrow!

I’m listening to Christmas Jazz today. My officemate has a visitor in from a vendor. So they’re talking and being generally noisy. Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Harry Connick, Jr., the Nutcracker Suite. Ahh. Sounds of Christmas.

I’m also wearing my glasses today because I think I am getting a sty in my eye. Not pretty I know. Really I’m just falling apart. I need to go home and stay there.

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