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December 22, 2005

Thursday Thirteen, XI

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Thirteen Things on the mind of Interstellar Lass

1. *blush* It seems quite a few people have nakedness on the brain. I think I laughed at them all!

2. I still have several more presents to buy. But the mall is scaring me at this point. Especially the mall I want to go to. It’s very new and very big and very popular. And it will have lots of soccer moms. Yikes!

3. Nick’s brother is coming up Christmas Eve. He’ll stay for Christmas Day too. So, we’ll have Nick’s family and my family all together.

4. I’m very excited to be sharing my first Christmas with Nick! I love you baby!

5. I’m 14-0-1 in Fantasy Football now. I won my playoff game last week. I hope my playoff win streak continues! This week is for all the marbles!

6. I haven’t seen any of the holiday movies yet. I mean the new ones. I really want to go see Narnia. My Ex took Elle and Zed to see it already though.

7. He does that all the time. My Ex that is. I took my kids to see one movie this year because they had already seen them all with their dad.

8. I’m going to make a small Christmas Eve dinner for me, Nick & his brother.

9. I’m going to make a large Christmas Day brunch for the rest of my family.

10. Brunch will include waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, homemade syrup, Eggs Benedict with homemade Hollandaise, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, milk, juice, and coffee.

11. I’m going to make two pies for Christmas Eve dinner. Mincemeat (no, it doesn’t have meat…it’s pears, raisins and spices) and blueberry.

12. My foot is feeling better. No stress fracture, but it’s still a bit twingy here and there. I thought about running last night, but it was still sore, so I decided not to push it. Maybe tomorrow.

13. I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Kwanzaa, a Happy Winter Solstice (that’s actually today!), a Happy Festivus, or a Happy WhateverYouCelebrate. I hope your hearts have lots of of love, your arms get lots of hugs, you get everything you wanted on your Christmas list, and most of all, that you remember that it’s our friends and our loved ones that are our true gifts at this time of year.

Bonus: I think I’m going to watch Love Actually tonight or tomorrow. This is such a wonderful movie. It makes me laugh and cry. To me, it shows the many ways we can love, and that “Love is all around us”.

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