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December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Eve!

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Christmas Eve is upon us! Merry Christmas Everyone! I’ve been keeping busy getting the house ready for visitors. Nick’s brother is coming this afternoon. We’re going to take him on a tour of my office building. Exciting you say? Well, yes it is. Let’s just say I work for a large company headed by a very important person, and my office building has a mueseum-esqe quality to it.

Last night I baked two pies for dinner tonight. It’s just me, Nick & his brother, but I like my pies! It was my first time to make the blueberry, so I’ll have to let you know after dinner tonight how it was. I was proud of how it looked. I’m not too good at crusts just yet, but I did OK with these. I hope they came out flakey and not chewy.

My mincemeat pie. I need some pie cutters so I can make pretty pie crusts. Christmas list for next year I guess.

I also got a nice surprise. My new trail shoes came in! I picked them up yesterday. Don’t they look fabulous!?!?

And, finally, I leave you with a picture of Miss Elle and Nick. Elle and Zed spent the night with my grandparents Thursday, and Elle called several times (10) and left messages for us all night Thursday and all day Friday. Excerpts from her messages: “I love you! I miss you! Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! And tell Nick I love him too! I miss him too!” My little sweetie makes my heart melt! Actually, both of them do!

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