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January 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, XIV

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Thirteen Things Interstellar Lass would do if she won the lottery.

1) Pay off all debts. It’s not a lot, but I have a school loan and a couple of credit cards.

2) Put money in college funds for my kids. Texas has a thing called the Texas Tomorrow Fund where you can pre-pay for college at today’s prices.

3) Buy a house. I don’t want a McMansion or anything, but something that’s comfortable. Something with a ‘smoking room’ for Nick. I don’t let him smoke his cigars inside the house. Right now he’s jerry-rigged a mini-TV in the garage, and his extra couch is out there. Poor thing. And something with a Me Room. I’d be the only one allowed in there. I’d read, knit, nap, you know, whatever. And I want a pool. And a nice garden.

4) Buy a house for my mom and my grandparents. I guess that’s two houses really. My mom needs something in a better neighborhood. Ours has gone down since we moved there when I was 6. And my grandparents have a condo. They collect books, so it’s really a condo for their books, and they just squeeze in. Why they need so many books, I don’t know. Why they didn’t collect something smaller, I don’t know either.

5) Send my kids to private school. They go to a good school now. I mean, it’s decent. But the whole “teaching to the test” crap pisses me off. My son blew off a test back in December that was one of those ‘pre-assessment tests’. Despite the fact that his teacher knows him and knows that he’s the smartest kid in her class, he didn’t meet the minimum requirements because he blew off the test. So, he ‘qualifies’ for extra tutoring. I’m making him go just because he blew off the test. But, the teacher didn’t use her brain, and when I suggested that he just didn’t put forth effort, she couldn’t wrap her mind around it. I know he reads all the time, but he also has to understand the concepts. Well duh. He does. I know he does. He just blew off the test. Gah!

6) Go on a vacation. I think maybe four to six weeks traveling Europe and Asia with Nick. I don’t want to go on any guided tours or stick to a time table. Just go somewhere, then decide while we’re there where we want to go next.

7) Invest of course. I mean, I want to be able to go on more vacations whenever I want, right? And pay the taxes on my house and the tuition on my kids’ school.

8) Volunteer. I can’t just sit at home and eat bon-bons all the time. I’d give back of my time. Probably to something like Habitat for Humanity. I like doing work with my hands. Good honest work where you sweat and get dirty and you’ve got something to show for it by the end of the day.

9) Exercise a lot. One of my excuses is that I don’t have enough time to exercise. Hopefully if I win the lottery, I’ll have enough where I don’t have to work at all, or very much.

10) Buy a new car for me and a new truck for Nick. I’d probably do a small SUV or a wagon. I have a Jetta now, and I think the Passat wagon would be really nice. But I need good gas mileage too. And reliability. It needs to fit my ‘play gear’ and my dogs and my kids and me & Nick. Nick just likes having a truck. You know, it’s manly.

11) Go back to school. I’d love to get my Master’s degree, or a couple more Bachelor’s degrees. Perhaps in philosophy, English, and history.

12) Write a book. In my Me Room. Another thing for which there doesn’t seem to be time.

13) Throw a fantastic party for my friends. They would all get a really nice present. But it would be something useful or that they needed. And yes! You’re all invited too!

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