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January 20, 2006

Enough Already!

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UGH! Here at work they’re opening up some new office space. We’ve got construction crews running around, and one of the workspaces is right across the hall from my office. And.I.Am.Irritated!!!

For the last month, this has been going on. Saws…drills…banging…yelling…metal clanging…laughing…tales of the previous night’s exploits…guys barking like dogs…cussing…

This morning was the last straw. My office mate and I have complained to facilities. We’ve complained to our boss. We were assured that the construction would be over soon. Well, it’s not. This morning was it for me. The noise has not subsided. In fact, it’s gotten worse. Today’s special? Moaning.

I sat here for a moment and wondered if I was hearing it correctly. Then I wondered if it would stop. No it did not. A month’s worth of frustration boiled up in me, and I got up and opened my office door. My neighbor next door heard it too. He was sticking his head out of his office. We stared at each other. What the hell!?!? he mouthed. So, I walked across the hall, stuck my head in the space between the plywood covering the gaping hole in the wall and said:

“Can we cut out the moaning please?!? We can hear it in our offices!”

It’s been mostly quiet since. Average construction noise. But no moaning or other extraneous noises. Mission accomplished.

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