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January 25, 2006

I’m going to run away!

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No, not me. Elle. She’s decided that she’s going to run away. She was upset about something last night when I picked her up from school.

Her: I’m not going anywhere for dinner.
Me: That’s good. I’m not either.
Her: I’m not eating dinner.
Me: That’s too bad. Nick is making Turkey Tacos tonight.
Her: I’m going to run away.
Me: OK. Where are you going to run away to?
Her: Carolina. No Georgia. (Her grandma on her dad’s side just moved to Georgia.)
Me: How are you going to get there?
Her: I’m going to walk.
Me: All night?
Her: Yes.
Me: That’s kind of far.

We get home at this point.
Her: I’m not coming inside. I’m going to run away now.
Me: Well, don’t you think you’d better come in and pack a bag first?
Her: No, I’m just going now.

Needless to say, she didn’t end up running away. There were some tears, an apology from her, and then she ate the Turkey Tacos. I still don’t know what she was upset over in the first place. I don’t think she does either.

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