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January 31, 2006

Interstellar Travel Guide

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To boldly go! Well, not quite James T. Kirk, but I do have that wanderlust in my soul. If I had the means and the ability, I would go just about anywhere. I remember in the movie Mask Rocky had a map filled with push-pins of all the places he wanted to go. I would love to fill up a globe with pins or flags or something of places I’ve been. While my US Map is fairly full, my World Map is sadly lacking. Where would I go? Where wouldn’t I go is the more appropriate answer. Top of my list:

1) Nepal: A mysterious country. The temples and the country and the people seem so interesting. You won’t find me on the top of Mt. Everest though. No thanks. I’ll look at it from the bottom.

2) Iceland: Gysers, hot springs and ice caps. About as close as I care to get to the Arctic circle while sitting in a natural hotspring. Does anything really sound much better?

3) Morocco: Casablanca, Fez, Marrakesh. Need I say more?

4) Peru: Ancient Incan temples, the Andes and the Nazca Lines. Oh! And llamas!

5) New Zealand: Albatross, fjords and mountains. And I have to see where The Lord of the Rings movies were made!

Who wants to come with?

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