Interstellar Adventures

February 1, 2006


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I hate the blahs. I think that’s why I was imagining yesterday where I would travel to if I could. I’m feeling the blahs again. I’ve suffered from the blahs most of my life. They’re a total pain in the ass. There I was, feeling good and looking good, and then the blahs came creeping back in. For no particular reason. No one brought them to me. Nothing happened that opened that door for them to visit again. They just invaded without warning. Like termites. Or mosquitos. I know what I need to do to put the blahs at bay. But they’re just so powerful sometimes that it’s hard to start the extermination process. Bastards. I think I’m at the point though where I can start fighting back. I tried to ignore them at first, thinking that maybe they were just temporary. But no, the little shits had to take root.

I’m going for a run tonight. Step 1 in the Blah-Banishment process.

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