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March 3, 2006

Setting the bar for cheap-o’s everywhere

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I heard a story recently. Someone was telling me how cheap their friend’s boyfriend is. And he’s not cheap out of neccessity. He makes plenty of money. How cheap is this guy?

1) He buys his clothes second-hand. Suits, shoes, jeans, everything.
2) He drives an old station wagon. You know, the kind with the wood panels on the side? Yep, that one.
3) He cuts his own hair. Huh? I mean how is that even possible?
4) He washes his hair with dog shampoo. Hey! At least he doesn’t have fleas!

Yes, I’m serious about the dog shampoo. This girl was at her boyfriend’s house, was going to take a shower and finds dog shampoo. WTF?!?! Evidently, this guy’s neighbors moved and gave him a box of stuff. Including dog shampoo. But they guy doesn’t have a dog. He needs shampoo though, so he uses the dog shampoo!

Am I just hoity-toity, or is this guy the King of Cheap?

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