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March 8, 2006

Am I right or wrong?

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Elle and Zed spent this last weekend with their dad. When they got home Sunday night, they unpacked their bags, putting dirty clothes away. I was watching the Academy Awards and knitting. Elle came out from her room and handed me a photo book. Evidently, her dad bought this photobook for her and gave her pictures to put in it. I was flipping through, looking at times my kids had spent with their dad and my ex-in-laws.

Then, there she was. A smiling, happy photo of my daughter and his girlfriend. My heart sank and I wanted to cry. Why had he included that photo? Ditto in my son’s photobook that he brought out.

Now, I know that she is there when my kids are sometimes. She’s there when I drop them off, or I hear her stupid yippy dog in the background when my kids call me about something. But why does there have to be a picture of her in my kids stuff? I wouldn’t send a picture of the kids and Nick to their dad’s house. My ex-father-in-law doesn’t have pictures of his ex-wife at his house with his new wife.

So, when I talked to their dad on Monday, reminding them of the school care location change during Spring Break, I told him I thought that was rather insensitive of him. He said the kids picked the pictures.

I know she’s probably going to end up being a permanent part of my ex’s life and by extension my kids’ life, just like Nick is part of ours now, but like I said, I’m not sending family photos of us with them when they go visit their dad. Am I being hyper-sensitive?

By overwhelming majority, it is evident that I am being a big baby. I figured as much, which is why I asked. I must now apologize for being a jealous mom and a big whiner. I can rarely admit when I’m wrong, and I will do so. I just don’t like it that my babies are so happy to see her and I’m just a sidenote to them at this point. I make the rules and enforce the rules. I make them do chores and homework and this girl takes my daughter for manicures and pedicures. You would have been disappointed in me when I wanted to chew her out for changing my baby girl’s earrings. Big deal! I know, but these are my babies. And no, I don’t think their dad has the right to feel the same way about Nick…their dad made the choice to walk out on his kids. Ooops. There I go…petty again. So I’m not perfect…who knew?

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