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March 10, 2006

More Proof

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Yes, more proof that my husband is the most fantastic man in the world! On one of our first dates, I mentioned a song that I’d heard on the radio and that I hadn’t been able to find the CD in any of the stores. Well, the very next date, I had a copy of the song I’d been looking for. At Christmas, I ended up with the entire album the song was on. That’s just the kind of thoughtful guy he is.

Yesterday, that thoughtful guy struck again. On Wednesday night we were chatting at our wonderful dinner, and I started talking about this song I’d heard on the radio when I was a kid. We’re talking late elementary, early junior high here. I thought it was a funny song, and I catch myself singing it every now and then. Problem is I could only remember a couple of lines and I could never find it anywhere.

Last night I got home and Nick had gone off to his writing group. Sitting on the kitchen counter was a CD and a note:

Listen to this.

I put the CD in the CD player, and what comes out? Moose in My House. (Click the link, click Play Now, select settings.) HA HA HA! It made me laugh! OK, so maybe this shows what a doofus I am and the kind of stupid humor I enjoy. I hope you do too!

As a bonus, check this out. I want to be this lady when I get old!

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