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March 31, 2006

I love Sue

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Canada’s Doctor Ruth. This woman cracks me up! She’s much more down-to-earth and laid back than Dr. Ruth, and much easier to understand. I catch her show on the Oxygen cable network.

The other night, Nick and I were flippin’ channels, and there she was. Stop there! I said. So we watched Sue. It’s mostly a call-in show where viewers/listeners ask questions and get answers, advice and whatnot. And then she has product review segments and ‘just for fun’ suggestions.

This particular show, my favorite calls were:

  • The nympho who’s boyfriend couldn’t recover quickly enough for her
  • The woman’s who’s husband wanted her to wear a chicken suit in the bedroom
  • The woman who shared her B.O.B. with her platonic girlfriend and got an STD
  • The man who called and wanted to know if it was unhealthy for his wife to “swaller”

God Bless Sue!

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