Interstellar Adventures

April 4, 2006

Good luck with that…

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My ex is brilliant. I mean, truly brilliant. Elle and Zed spent the weekend with him. I dropped them off straight after Elle’s soccer game. Well, evidently, I forgot to pack Elle’s regular shoes. I packed their bags the night before, they got home late from the circus and her game was at 8 am. I mean, shoes are easy to forget, right?

I see that he had two options. 1) Call me and ask me to drop off her shoes. 2) Go to Target and buy her a pair of tennies for $10 or a pair of flip-flops for $2. What does he do? He has her wear her cleats all weekend. Brilliant.

His latest brilliant move? A 12-week old puppy. And not just any kind of puppy. A puppy that will grow into a 100 pound dog. A French Mastiff. He had it in the truck last night when he dropped off the kids. It was cute and all. But he lives in a one bedroom apartment. “Yeah, it’s going to be a big dog.” he said. “Yep, and it’ll crap big too.” I said. “Yeah, it already clogged the toilet when I tried to flush it’s poop this morning.” he said.

Like I said. Brilliant.

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