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April 11, 2006

I Owe What?!?!?!?

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I did my taxes last night. It was depressing. I got to file ‘single’ due to the D I V O R C E last year. The Ex got to claim Zed, and I got to claim Elle. Plus I got to claim the after-school care for Zed. Well, that didn’t really matter, because evidently I still underpaid.

See, the Ex-Butthead never made as much money as me. As of last year, he made about half of what I make. Therefore, he got a big refund this year – bigger than we ever got when we were married. And this year, I OWE. About five times what his refund was. How is this fair? He pays diddly for child support (because he’s a slacker) and that’s barely half of the cost of their after-school care and summer care for the year. Doesn’t include clothes, food, extra-curricular activities, and the like. And he gets the refund???

And I’m wondering how the wonderful Bush tax cuts have benefit me. The ‘single’ mom with the two kids. How is it that I’m paying out the wazzoo?

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