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April 17, 2006

Vegas Vacation Day 1

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Unlike the Griswolds, Nick and I didn’t have any run-ins with Wayne Newton, near accidents at the Hoover Dam, or lose the entire contents of our bank account. We had a fantastic time!

On the way to the airport, Nick realized he’d forgotten to pack his tennis shoes. He obsessed about this for awhile. Remote parking was a cinch, and the flight was very smooth both out of Dallas and into Vegas. On the way out, we hooked up with Nick’s co-workers and boss. But fortunately we didn’t have to sit near them. Let’s just say they’re a little crazy.

We checked into the hotel and went straight to our room at The Palms. Ordered some room service and took a nap before the long night ahead of us. At 8 pm we were picked up by a black limo. The inside was ‘pimped out’ with leopard-print upholstry, TV screens, and neon lights. The driver took us to the Mandalay Bay hotel where we ate at Red Square. This was my favorite dinner. For appetizers we had some calamari, Siberian Nachos – wonton chips with smoked salmon, some kind of cream and caviar – and crab cakes. For dinner, Nick had Roquefort Crusted Filet Mignon and I had Osso Bucco. The filet was fanatastic, and the Osso Bucco fell off the bone. We shared a creme brulee for dessert. During the meal we sipped on $13 martinis, and after, we savored Frangelico.

We also went up to the Foundation Room for a view of Vegas. The whole town was laid out in front of us, lights sparkling, traffic flowing and it was breathtaking. The only bad part was when one of Nick’s jackass co-workers tried to ‘jump’ through the picture, knocked the camera out of Nick’s boss’ boss’ hand, and broke it. Yeah, broke our camera on our first night in Vegas. I was pissed. If it wouldn’t have been a work trip, the guy would have gotten a free flight over the side, courtesy of Nick Air.

Then we went and played a little Blackjack. The brothers that own the company that Nick works for threw a few hundreds down on the table, and instructed us to sit. I started off with $75 and ended up with $225. I gave $100 back to one of the brothers (makin’ my man look good) and then Nick and I made our way back to the hotel. I changed clothes and went back downstairs to gamble some more. I decided to try Pai Gow Poker, at the recommendation of one of my friends. I wasn’t very good at it, because I ended up giving back all of my $125 winnings from earlier in the evening. But hey, it was free money, so I technically didn’t lose. Right?

I crawled into bed at 4 am. Good thing we took a nap earlier!

To be continued…

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