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April 18, 2006

Vegas, Day 2

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Look to my left sidebar for my new Flickr photo album. Vegas photos can be found there!

Despite coming to bed so late, I woke up at 8:30. Nick and I gave the breakfast buffet a whirl. I wasn’t impressed. And the old people there in Vegas will run you over with their walkers and canes, trying to beat you to the food! My goodness!

We decided we would rent a car and head out to the Hoover Dam. We arranged to rent a Nissan XTerra. I’m thinking I want one now. It was a very quiet ride, comfortable and good handling. As we approached the Dam, the scenery was amazing. Lake Mead and the canyons approaching the Dam gave us some beautiful sights.

At the Dam, Nick and I exhausted our “Dam” joke bank. Wow, that’s a dam big dam. That’s a lot of dam concrete. I wonder how much dam water there is. I need to go to the dam bathroom. We’re looney, I know. That’s why we’re a perfect match.

Back at the hotel, we grabbed a quick lunch, then took a nap to gear up some energy for the night’s activities. We woke up to a gorgeous Vegas sunset. Feeling a little grimey from our Dam Walk, we took a bath. But not just any kind of bath. A bubble bath! The tub had whirlpool jets, so we got lots of bubbles out of the little hotel sample body wash bottle.

For dinner, we went to N9NE Steakhouse. It was very contemporary. The seafood platter we started with was delicious. Good size lobster tails, crab claws, shrimp, clams, mussels, and oysters. My Surf & Turf steak was good, but the surf part of it was a little disappointing, size wise. It was a fantastic meal, again.

After, we ventured up to Ghostbar. The brothers ordered us a bottle of Crown and a bottle of Absolut and mixers. Our waitress made all our drinks for us at our table. Out on their open-air patio (55 floors up!) we got another great view of Vegas. And, they had a clear plexi-glass platform that you could stand on and see the parking lot below. I stood on it for a moment, but got that wave of vertigo and went back inside. We danced and drank for awhile, and did some interesting people watching.

Nick got tired of the noise and went back to the room. The rest of us went down to the tables to do some more gambling. I sat down at the Blackjack table and promptly lost $100. Then I moved to the Texas Hold ‘Em table and won $200. I eventually made it back to the room at 4:30 am, $60 up. That was good enough for me.

Next up…Going Home


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome trip! And up $60! Can’t complain about that.

    I love reading your review on Vegas… always wanted to go there for some reason. Perhaps its all the lights and shiney things.

    Comment by Froggie — April 18, 2006 @ 10:01 am |Reply

  2. The bath sounds divine! You are so making me want to take a trip to Vegas.

    Comment by Jolynn — April 18, 2006 @ 10:16 am |Reply

  3. That looks like a fun bath!

    We have a dam near us (nothing as cool as the Hoover Dam) and my kids love making dam jokes. Yeah, that’s some of the best fun we’ve had, by a dam site!

    We’re hoping to all go to Vegas later this year, I’ll have to read your posts and see what’s fun to do there!

    Comment by Jen — April 18, 2006 @ 10:51 am |Reply

  4. I’m so loving the jet tubs on vacation. I could vacation at home if I had one..sigh. Sounds like fun though. Here via michele

    Comment by KaraMia — April 18, 2006 @ 11:47 am |Reply

  5. so glad you had a good time

    Comment by Shannon — April 18, 2006 @ 1:18 pm |Reply

  6. Sounds like fun. Ghostbar! Isn’t that where famous people go? The plexiglass thing would definitely scare me. That sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

    Love the pics! 🙂

    Comment by Lucinda — April 18, 2006 @ 1:30 pm |Reply

  7. We’ve driven through vegas a couple of times, and I’ve just seen it go by out the car window thinking I’d love to stop. The three little kids in the backseats prompted me to wait for “someday”. Now I’m thinking “someday” is getting closer! Sounds like a dam fun time!

    Comment by abbynormal — April 18, 2006 @ 1:56 pm |Reply

  8. You got your quota of bubbles there!

    Comment by Jean-Luc Picard — April 18, 2006 @ 2:10 pm |Reply

  9. Between you and MommaK, you are so giving the blogworld bubble envy. I may kidnap Mr. Bubble tonight.

    Comment by SurrenderDorothy — April 18, 2006 @ 4:02 pm |Reply

  10. Too many bubbles. 😉

    Comment by utenzi — April 18, 2006 @ 5:09 pm |Reply

  11. Finally, we get a nude photo of the Lass. Many of us have been waiting a very long time.

    Although I thought you would have more skin and less bubbles. But I will have to live with my disappointement.

    Comment by Coyote Mike — April 19, 2006 @ 8:59 am |Reply

  12. okay, i’m still jealous. but i am living vicariously through you. i love the bubble bath photos!

    Comment by R. Robyn — April 19, 2006 @ 9:08 am |Reply

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