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April 19, 2006

Leavin’ Las Vegas

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Please sing the post title to the tune of Viva Las Vegas. Oh, thank you! That was very good!

Again, four hours of sleep, followed by another disappointing breakfast. Maybe Vegas just doesn’t do breakfast because people are too hung over to care. There was no time for fun and games on Friday though, because it was goin’ home time.

The rest of Nick’s co-workers shuttled it back to the airport while we took our rental back. I was very pleased with Enterprise. They picked us up within 10 minutes of us calling them to rent the car in the first place. The manager, Patrick, turned out to be from Waco, a mere two hours from us. He was very nice. And, when we returned the XTerra, they took us to the airport. Excellent service!

I hate flying. I didn’t always. As a kid, I loved to go on the plane. I would even fly by myself at age 6. Back when you could let kids do that. I would fly to Houston to see my grandparents, all by myself, with my little I think I can choo-choo pin. But then, when I got pregnant with Zed, I flew a couple of times. Since then, I can’t stand it. I get all nervous and sick during the take-off and landing. Mainly the take-off.

The flight out was good. But leaving was another story. It had gotten cloudy, and Vegas is basically a big plain, completely surrounded by mountains. So, when weather comes in, the air gets choppy. The first twenty minutes of the flight was bumpy. Really bumpy. I’m surprised Nick’s hand survived. And I actually cried. But once we got above the clouds, it was all OK. Obviously, we landed safely. I was never so glad to be back! We were exhausted, but managed to make it through dinner and a coffee at Starbucks before I started to fall asleep sipping my latte and puzzling out my Sudoku. In bed by 10 pm on a Friday! Who’da thunk it?!?

Next time we go to Vegas, we’re going to see a show. I also want to see more of the big hotels like the Bellagio, the Venetian, and Treasure Island.

I liked Vegas. At night. During the day it was dull. Do some outside Vegas sight-seeing during the day. There was a lot to see within a two hour drive of the city. But at night, when the lights come on and the people come out, it was very alive. My advice on gambling is to find your game and stick with it. I know how to play Blackjack, but to me, it’s not as fun as poker. I didn’t care for the Pai Gow game, but regular 5-card poker and Texas Hold ‘Em I love. If you don’t know how to play, sit down at the table, watch and ask questions. The dealers are very nice, and usually the other players are too, and they’ll explain everything to you. If you’re sitting next to someone annoying, get up and find another seat. It can be distracting to listen to someone you find irritating. And room service is expensive! Viva Las Vegas!

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