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April 20, 2006

Mavs Season Finale

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I took my new Kodak Z700 to the game last night. This morning, I try to download the pictures. Except the USB connector on the camera end is smaller than the USB I have on hand. Dammit. Why do manufacturers have to ‘specialize’ their equipment? Just makes it a pain in the ass for the rest of us. So, pictures of the Mavs game will be delayed.

One of the brothers (owners) at Nick’s job, gave him tickets to the Mavs game last night. Luckily, Elle and Zed were with their dad, so we were able to go. While the Mavs didn’t win, it was still a great night. There were a couple of silly foibles, but according to the bartender, the Mavs were playing their bottom 5 bench guys. Get them a little exercise in the game, and rest up the key players.

The game actually started a little early. Tickets said 7:30 pm game time, but at 7:15, they were already under way while Nick and I were enjoying some burgers in the cafe. We made our way to our seats and watched the last half of the first quarter.

At the end of the first quarter, some big-wig from American Airlines came down onto the court with Mark Cuban. The guy said that American was giving free tickets to the coaches and players for the playoffs as a thank you for having such a great team. But then Mark Cuban said the “team” included all the fans too, and did American have tickets for all the fans in the house. Well, evidently they did. Cool! But, since the tickets belonged to Nick’s company, we figured the vouchers would go back to the company.

Well, this morning, Nick took the vouchers to work. He went to give them to the brother that gave him the tickets. The brother said Nah, you keep ’em. HOLY COW! We just got two free airline tickets! We were wanting to go to KC in June, but a trip to El Paso to see Nick’s dad took precedence. But now we can go to KC too for Nick’s birthday! Only bad thing about it is I now have two flights – one to El Paso and one to KC – to look forward to. Maybe I’ll take JustCara‘s advice. I’ll let you know if it works for me.

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