Interstellar Adventures

April 21, 2006

Mavs Photos

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I had fun playing with my new camera. Nick was getting a little frustrated though. I mean, I took a picture of beer. OK, so maybe I did get a little carried away. My old camera could do video too, but it wasn’t as easy as this one. I figured the guys around here would appreciate this. And here’s the game slideshow. The $9.75 burger was GOOD.

This weekend I plan on planting. I won’t have much to show for it though because they’re just seeds. Hopefully they grow quickly. Here are some before and in-betweens of my flower beds. We spent 10 hours in the yard last Sunday pulling the bushes and moving some others. Then I put five bags of top soil and one bag each of humus and cow manure down in each side of the bed. Sadly, I think I still need more! We’ll see what happens.

And then Sunday is my niece’s birthday party. She’ll be three. We’re going to a bouncy-house party. Inflatables galore evidently. I told Nick he has to go because it’s a family birthday. He acted like I was killing him or something. Drama. At least the kids will have fun. Hopefully they’ll get way worn out and be ready to go to bed early. Sunday night is Soprano night! Have a great weekend!

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