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April 28, 2006

You’re Weird

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Elle’s favorite phrase. If Nick or I or her brother do something she doesn’t understand or appreciate, she’s likely to counter with “You’re Weird”. Except she can’t say Weird just right…she kind of slurs her ‘r’ so it sounds more like “Weid”.

I’ve always known I was a bit off. I try to enjoy things, and you’ll often find me not acting my age, but something closer to my shoe-size. I can behave very well at social events, carry on polite, adult conversation, and fake-laugh along with the best of them. But I’d rather not. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy dressing to the nines and taking Nick’s breath away with my sassiness, but the older I get, the less I like hanging out with boring, stuffy, dull, dry and otherwise vacuous individuals.

I’ve seen the Six Weird Things About You meme around. But I don’t think I’m really weird, just slightly immature and irreverent. Six examples of this are:

1) Last Sunday at my niece’s 3rd birthday party, my mom and I, and then my sister and I, raced in the bouncy-houses. I won both races, making me Queen of the Bouncy House. I even have an injury to show for it…an elbow scrape.

2) I’m likely to laugh so hard I snort and squeak. If something tickles my funny-bone I’ll follow it all the way, even if everyone else stopped laughing.

3) In the confines of my home, I will burp (and the other too) to the horror of Nick and to the delight of my kids. Good one mom! Elle will exclaim. I have passed the talent on to her, and I’ve been shocked to hear some vibrato come out of my little girl.

4) I will race my kids to the car (not through the parking lot…like at the soccer fields) while other parents yell at their kids to slow down.

5) I’ll let Nick sleep in on the weekend and then after I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee, I’ll bounce him out of bed. Sometimes he thinks this is funny, but not always.

6) I’ll dance crazy around the living room with my kids, make funny faces and sing really loud even though I can’t carry a tune in a wet paper bag.

Nope, I’m not gettin’ old…

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