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May 2, 2006

Service Markup

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My faucet in the back yard has been leaking for the past two weeks. I have a hose splitter on it, so the leak has been contained to a constant drip. Otherwise, I would have flooded the neighborhood by now, not just half my back yard.

I called last Thursday for the plumber. His first early morning appointment was today. He showed up between the designated time of 8-8:30 am, and pulled his van back to the alley while I put the dogs in their kennels. They barked their silly heads off of course, but finally quieted down.

Within 15 minutes, the water was off, the leaky part was off, the new part was on, the water was on, and the plumber was packed up. (Sidenote: I am very pleased to report that there was no visible plumbers crack, so no crack-spackle was needed. )

The part that bothered me was the bill. A trip fee, labor and parts. $8 for parts, $20 for labor, and $45 for the trip fee. At least next time I know how to fix it.

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