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May 5, 2006

Not just any gift

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Gift registries are nice and all, and of course, first-time mothers certainly need a lot of things, but I’m bored with onsies and blankets and whatnot. So, when I got my invitation to a shower for one of my girlfriends, I knew that I wasn’t going to be visiting one of her registries.

I hunted online for the pattern. There are lots of sites that feature free patterns, most including pictures. One of the sites, has a lot of patterns that I’ve never tried before. Some are a little outlandish, others not what I was looking for at the time.

Until last week. After searching for some time, I ventured back to Knitty. And I found it. Anouk. I booked it tout de suite to my local yarn store, pattern in hand, and picked my materials. They didn’t have the yarn for which the pattern called, but King Tut cotton would substitute nicely.

I’ve had to go in twice for a little assistance, and I had to look up the three-needle bind-off as that’s a new technique for me. I’m currently working on the pockets. I tried the Intarsia method on the patterns, but I couldn’t get it. So, I’m going to duplicate stitch it this time.

And, I’ve got enough yarn left in the pocket colors that I’m going to make a hat and some baby Mary Janes.

Pictures will be posted! Now, if I don’t run out of time…shower is at 3 pm tomorrow!

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