Interstellar Adventures

May 8, 2006

Ta Daaaa!

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Well here it is! I must say that I’m quite proud of the finished product. Toot, Toot. (That was me tooting my own horn.) There were lessons learned, of course, but it was ogled and there were ooohs and aaaahs from the other shower attendees. One of the grandmas actually wants a matching tunic. And another girl wants me to make her something. Perhaps a profit making industry is in the works…

While I was at the shower, Nick took Elle (Zed was at church camp) to our local comic book store because it was Free Comic Book Day. Who knew there was such a thing? Well, Nick did evidently. It appears I inadvertently married a comic book geek. They actually hit two stores. Elle got a couple of comics, and Nick picked up several more for Zed. Seems there are more boy-oriented comics than girl-oriented comics. Go figure. Nick actually came back home for the camera because he Elle wanted pictures with the Star Wars characters on site. Yeah. These weren’t “my mom sewed this for me” costumes. Evidently there are kits…that cost up to $1200! Geeks of the world unite!

And, lastly, is anyone else watching Big Love? I’m absolutely in LOVE with this show. I think it’s one of the best shows HBO has put out in awhile, and I love all the characters. Except Nikki. And I hate her. But I’m supposed to, so it’s OK. Last night’s episode was fantastic! Let me know if you’re watching this. There’s only 3 more episodes left in this season. If you haven’t watched it, catch up on the shows if you have OnDemand. LOVE BIG LOVE!

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