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May 11, 2006

My Own DJ

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One of the benefits to being married to Nick? He’s like my own personal DJ. If I’m thinking of a song but need help remembering the artist, or I want to hear a song, he can go over to his little ginormous CD index and find it.

Yesterday morning I got up early for a run, then took a shower and laid back down before getting ready for work. I accidently fell to sleep, but he got the kids up and took them to school. Before he left for work, he brought me a cup of coffee and left me a CD he’d made for me. Just three songs. One to make me smile (Brad Paisley, The World), one to make me laugh (Brad Paisley, Me Neither), and one to make my heart melt (Pat Benatar, We Belong – video).

I’m a lucky girl.

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