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May 18, 2006

Graduation Day

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Tonight, my baby boy graduates from 5th grade. He has exactly one week of elementary school remaining before joining the middle school ranks. On Tuesday, he and I met with the band director to select an instrument for Zed to learn. We tried the trumpet, the trombone, the option of euphonium, the french horn, and the saxaphone before finally settling on the clarinet.

Zed will be 11 in just two weeks. Marching toward being a teenager, still acting like a goofy kid sometimes. Wavering between being trustworthy and not-so-much. Wickedly smart, he’ll be in Honors Math next year. He’s a scientist, an aspiring astronaut (or professional basketball player), a big brother (begrudingly at times), a cousin (so gentle with his 3-year old niece), a sensitive soul.

He’s starting to smell like a teenage boy, with stinky feet and hair. He still (thank goodness) doesn’t have much interest in girls. He loves Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and lately Superman. While I sometimes have to pry him off the couch with a crowbar, he loves to play outside, any kind of chase or ball.

He’ll hold my hand in the car, or cuddle with me on the couch, but in public I’m the ultimate embarassment. “Mom! You’re embarassing me! Stop it! Look at all the people around here!” Even if he doesn’t know a single soul.

I remember his first day of kindergarden. The blue plaid shirt and khaki shorts that he wore. The little tennis shoes. His hair all done and sprayed down, just the way he liked it. His Star Wars backpack. I walked him in to the classroom, and although he’d attended daycare for some time, it was so hard to leave him. But he sat down on his carpet square and was ready to learn. Cue my exit to leave, yet I lingered. Watching my boy begin his learning experiences and his first steps toward being not such a little boy.

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