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May 24, 2006

Gimme an “H”

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For “Hell Yeah”! I’m so glad for the comments I received yesterday. Not because everyone agreed with me, or because my point was proven or anything like that. No, exactly the opposite. I humbly shared my opinion, and you shared yours. THANK YOU! That’s exactly what I wanted.


And as a result of yesterday’s post, Miss Poopie bestowed the letter H upon me for the Alphabet Soup game. The rules for this game are: You take your assigned letter and then write 10 words that start with that letter and explain why they are important to you. If you would like to play, let me know in the comments field – and I’ll assign you a letter.

Handy – I fancy myself a pretty handy gal. I can fix things myself, and I know how to use quite a few tools, even power tools. I often say “I can fix that” and I usually can.

Hysterical – People tell me I am anyway. Maybe I just have a funny way about me. Not that I’m a comedian. But I think the way I see things and what I choose to comment on about something can be a little off-kilter. Oh, wait. You mean it’s not good when people shake their head at me and laugh? Strike that then. Not funny.

Heart – I have a big one. I love deeply, passionately and completely. My husband, my kids, my family. When I look at the three people I live with, when they’re hugging each other or me, when my daughter begs my husband to tuck her in and my son has questions about Superman that can only be answered by his step-dad…well, my heart squishes with love.

Hammer – I’m associating this one with work. I work hard, especially physically. I’ve done many a days hard work and manual labor. I love getting my hands dirty and being able to see that at the end of the day I’ve really accomplished a lot.

Heat – I hate it. But I live with it from April to November. Sometimes more intensely than others, but still, if you go a summer day in Texas without getting hot, well, you’re spending too much time with your head in the freezer.

Hokey – I’m a big goofball. I don’t take myself too seriously. I laugh at others that think they’re so important and that make a big deal out of everything. I can be just as silly as my seven-year-old, and just as goofy as my ten-year-old.

Hillbilly – I’m a Southern girl. Took me awhile to admit to it. But now that I have, I embrace my twang and my blue jeans and my boots.

Highbrow – Closest H word I could think of that came close to meaning cultured and refined. I love the Arts – Ballet, Opera, Symphony, Museums, Theater. I’ve studied and read the great writers of the past and present. I love learning new things. I’m a Highbrow Hillbilly. How ’bout that.

Heteroclite – Go on. I’ll wait for you to look it up… I don’t follow the rules. How else do you think I got to be a Highbrow Hillbilly? I do what I want when the mood strikes me. You can dress me up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll behave.

Hilltop – I’d love to just sit on a hilltop, looking at everything around me. Watching how it changes. Enjoying the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, and the sounds of nature in my ears. I’ll run from the bottom to the top, and then ride my bike back down the side. I’ll put up a tent and sleep under the stars; eat beans from a can, cooked on a fire.

Your turn.

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