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May 26, 2006

I swear I’m not a bad mom!

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Last night Elle and Zed were both wearing on my last nerve. School was out on Wednesday and their regular after school program 1) doesn’t provide any care until next week, and 2) has gotten outrageously expensive. So, I found another program to put them in for the month of June. It’s through our local sport authority, and is better because a) it’s less expensive, b) it provides care when I need it, c) the program includes lunch, and d) it’s all sport related, so the kids are running around a lot and they get to try a lot different sports. Since his dad left over a year ago, Zed has gained a bit of weight and getting him to be active is hard sometimes.

So, when I picked them up yesterday, the first thing they did was whine about why I picked turkey sandwiches for them rather than hot dogs. Duh! The point is to be more healthy. You can have hot dogs and pizza once a week. The other three days you’re getting ham or turkey sandwiches. I told them. So did you like it better than Program A? Well, except for the 8 year old that tried to intimidate Zed into giving him a bat (when the kid already had one bat), he liked the day. And, except for the mean 3rd grade girl that called Elle a brat and told her she was the “worst hula hooper in the world”, Elle thought it was ok. But there was no arts and crafts. Gee darn. Does this mean I don’t get “art” to hang on my fridge? Oh, and I forgot to give them money for “snacks”. Can I get no credit here for anything?

So, last night, I told them if they wanted money for snacks, they had to earn it. Zed unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. Elle picked up all the newspapers and took them out to be recycled. They cleaned their bathroom and brought all their clothes out to the wash. Then I let them watch the end of Drop Dead Fred. Then they wanted to watch another movie! No! Go outside and play until it’s dark. I don’t want to see you until it’s time to get in the bath.

So, they did. They played catch together. I went out to check on them, and realized Elle has a really good throwing arm, and Zed was using his smarts and rolling the ball to his sister, considering 1) the glove was too big, 2) she does’t catch well because she’s never learned, and 3) all of her other bumps and bruises on her face are finally almost healed.

Uh, what was that? Yeah. She had:

A bruised cheek. Her Brilliant Father let his quickly-growing French Mastiff, Rocco, chase our daughter around his apartment. She fell and hit the side of her face on the coffee table. It was swollen, knotted, bruised and slightly scratched. I took her to be examined for nerve damage in her face because her smile was slightly off, over a week after the indident. She’s ok, but if she hadn’t have been, he would no longer have nards.

A black eye. After the soccer swim party two weeks ago, she was in her room taking off her suit and hit her eye on the corner of the dresser. Gave her a nice shiner from the outside of her eye to the inner corner.

Another semi-black eye. Zed was taunting her, she grabbed the finger with which he was taunting her, and he hit her. Gave her a small bruise on the outside of her other eye. He got in big trouble for that one.

A busted lip. She got hit in the face with a baseball last Sunday and it busted her lip. I’m CPS’s worst nightmare.

But aren’t they CUTE!

Have a great long weekend!

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