Interstellar Adventures

June 12, 2006

He’s at it again

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Being a brilliant father I mean. Yeah. As if not supervising his children and letting his dog chase our daughter wasn’t bad enough, I came home to this last night. I had a meeting with my relay team, so Nick was home to collect the kids from their dad. When I got home, Elle had just got out of the shower and Zed was just getting in.

They were burned. Not quite to a crisp, but damn close enough. I was LIVID. I called him to confirm that he let the kids be out in the pool all day with no sunscreen and he responded with “This is what you called me about?” Uh. YEAH. “They’re not burned that bad. They’ll live.” THEY’LL LIVE??? Well if that’s all he’s concerned about then he’s got it all covered. Oh, they lost a leg? They’ll live. Oh, their eye got poked out? They’ll live. Jeezus! You’re their father! You’re supposed to protect them and care for them and you allow this to happen??? MORON.

I want to kick his ass sooooo damn bad. Especially when Elle was crying because it burned and itched while I applied vinegar to her burns, followed by aloe gel, and a couple of Junior Motrin washed down for good measure. And this morning Zed complained that he couldn’t lift his arms because his shoulders hurt. What an ass of a father they have. The kids now know that they can’t swim without sunscreen. If they have to remind their father of this fact, it’ll be sad. But, at least they won’t be put in this kind of pain.

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