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June 14, 2006


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My Mavericks lost last night. Just by 2 though. Dirk didn’t show up for the game until the 2nd half, and they let Wade score 42. Let’s hope Thursday’s game is better. I want a Championship!

On Monday I saw my personal trainer. She worked the hell out of me and I still hurt bad. I’m sore all over, but just enough where it feels like I’m sick rather than sore.

Elle attempted to emotionally blackmail me on Monday night. After her bath, I was in her room, playing Mancala. She’s pretty good, and she beat me 2 games out of 3. I’m starting to pick up the strategy though, so I’ll be tougher in the end. Anyhooo…when we’d played our three games, it was time for bed. I hugged her, kissed her, told her that I loved her. She then proceeded to cling to me, and wouldn’t let go. Elle, I warned her, it’s time to go to bed. We’ve played, we’ve said our good-nights, now let go. She wouldn’t. She grabbed tighter and wouldn’t stop. I warned her again. Wouldn’t let go. Last time, I lightly swatted her behind and pulled my arm away from her. She proceed to pout and then said it.

Blondie is better than you.

Blondie being her dad’s fiance. I knew she said it to hurt and to make me feel guilty. Well, it did hurt, just to hear it come out of her mouth. Cut me deep. But I know she didn’t mean it. I just stood and looked at her and said I’m sorry you would say something so ugly to me and left her room.

I went back in later to tell her that I knew she didn’t mean it. She of course turned on the tears and was so sorry. I emphasized to her that saying things to hurt people’s feelings on purpose was a very bad thing and that I didn’t want her to do it again.

Then, last night, Elle told me that Zed told his dad that I’d said it was their dad’s fault they’d been sunburned so bad. Their dad’s response? “Well, we’ll just stay inside and read next time.” No accounting for his own responsibility, and turning it back on the kids and “punishing” them for his incompetence and saying “Well, if I can’t take you swimming without sunscreen then I’m not going to take you swimming at all.” What a buffoon. Can I scream now?

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